Seed Talks: Loneliness and The Body: How Relationships Impact Your Health

Wednesday 22nd May 2024
19:00 -

Are your relationships affecting your health? From the loneliness epidemic, to faster healing times, our relationships support our immune systems in ways we might not even realise. People in long-term partnerships tend to live longer, healthier lives than their single counterparts. Does that mean that we should all be rushing to say “I do” to help avoid a date with father time? Or are there psychological tricks that everyone can learn from happy couples to enjoy better physical health? In this talk, we will talk about some of the surprising ways in which our close relationships can influence our health for better or for worse, including our experiences with pain and chronic illnesses. We’ll also discuss some research-backed tips for building healthier relationships so that better health can start at home.

Doors open at 7pm, talk starts at 7.30pm – come down early to grab a good seat!

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Dr Veronica Lamarche is a social-personality psychologist and relationship researcher at the University of Essex. Veronica’s work stems from the big question “What makes some couples more resilient in the face of uncertainty?” She is particularly interested in understanding how people maintain relationships by balancing trust and dependence, and how feelings of vulnerability and uncertainty can upend these efforts.

Testimonials from our guests

⭐ Seed Talks is not only very educational, it’s very casual and social. The talks are great for complete beginners and experts. I appreciate that they host them in bars and social spaces, so you can go alone, on a date or in large groups. – Sophie H

⭐ Very engaging and insightful. Highly recommend! – Declan W

⭐ Seed Talks have done an incredible job at making insanely cool topics easily digestible and enjoyable to learn about for ones self improvement. It’s like Ted Talks, but cooler? And more accessible! – Eva W


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