Seed Talks: Psychedelic Paint & Sip

Sunday 9th June 2024
12:00 -

Have you ever had a profound experience that seems just beyond the grasp of your conscious, logical mind? Are you seeking to express and integrate this experience through art? This workshop is a calling for those yearning to express the inexpressible. Whether hindered by self-doubt or criticism, feeling it’s stopping you from exploring your artistic side, it’s time to leave those fears behind.

Discover intuitive painting, and learn to let your emotions and bodily sensations take the lead. It’s an exercise in overcoming fear and judgement to discover the exhilarating freedom of self-expression. Here, the journey of painting matters more than the final piece—it’s about the liberating experience of creating art uninhibitedly. Through a blend of embodiment exercises, meditations, and music, we’ll help you enter a state of free-flowing creativity, also known as “the zone”. This approach is particularly beneficial for those looking to integrate psychedelic experiences into their art, providing a unique avenue for expression.

We welcome all skill levels, from novices wondering where to begin, to experienced artists eager for a fresh approach.

Workshop Highlights

🎨 Intuitive painting techniques: allow your emotions and physical sensations to guide your inner artistry

🧘‍♀️ Embodiment exercises, meditations, and music to help you enter a state of free-flowing creativity, or ‘the zone’

💫 Group and individual creative activities centred around fun and experimentation to help you manifest your inner world visually

🖌 All art materials provided, just bring comfortable clothing and an open mind!

🍸 Drinks available for purchase at the bar

Who this Workshop is for

Ideal for anyone keen on self-exploration, art, or those looking to express their psychedelic journeys. Whether you’re an artist, a seeker of new experiences, or an explorer of consciousness, you’re welcome to join us! We are all artists — sometimes, we just need a little help to remember it.

About Your Host

Dr Mar Estarellas is a postdoctoral researcher at the Consciousness and Cognition Lab at the University of Cambridge. As a painter, neuroscientist and nature enthusiast, she is interested in researching the importance of Nature and holistic health in living and dying healthily, for us and the Earth. She believes it is through the act of creation and engaging in new, beautiful and sometimes challenging ways that gives us a new perspective, a purpose, a window of opportunity – beneficial for our own and Nature’s health. She is passionate about exploring life and existence through creation and the expression of beauty, where Nature and Mind act as the landscapes of playful investigation. Paint offers a means of expression beyond language.

Testimonials from our guests

⭐ Truly riveting talks, always enjoy these – a great way to spend an evening with some pals. Already looking forward to the next one. – Alexander P

⭐ Expertly run, talks are always super informative and a lot of fun! Couldn’t recommend these enough! 5 star. – Owen S

⭐ Been to a few talks and all have been super interesting. An enjoyable evening to go to either alone or with friends. The talks make for stimulating conversation. Highly recommend! – Daisy J


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