Seed Talks: Studio Ghibli Sketch & Sip: Unlock free-flowing creativity

Thursday 27 June 2024
19:00 -

Step into the world of Studio Ghibli with our sketch and sip experience. Join us for a fun evening where you’ll learn to draw iconic characters from Ghibli movies like “My Neighbor Totoro” and “Spirited Away” with a talented manga artist. No matter your skill level, you’ll enjoy sipping on your favourite drink while unleashing your creativity on canvas. Come for the art, stay for the good vibes! Here, the journey of drawing matters more than the final piece. It’s about the experience of creating art uninhibitedly.

Imagine yourself with a pencil in one hand and a drink in the other, surrounded by fellow Ghibli fans. That’s the vibe at our Sketch and Sip event! We welcome all skill levels, from novices wondering where to begin, to experienced artists eager for a fresh approach.

Workshop Highlights

🎨 Explore the art of sketching inspired by Studio Ghibli: Learn to create your favourite characters with our very talented manga artist.

🧘‍♀️ Primarily focus on drawing and inking techniques used in the Ghibli characters taught a seasoned manga artist.

🖌 All art materials provided, for our 2 hour workshop

🍸 Drinks available for purchase at the bar

Who this Sketch and Sip Experience is for

Perfect for anyone with a passion for Ghibli movies, art enthusiasts, or those eager to capture the essence of their Studio Ghibli-inspired adventures. Whether you wield a pencil with finesse, crave interesting experiences, or simply seek to explore the depths of creativity, this experience is for you! Within these fun moments, we recognize the artist within each of us — sometimes, all it takes is a gentle nudge to wake up that creative spirit.

About your host

Elena Vitagliano is an Italian manga artist based in London whose journey into the world of manga reflects a profound dedication and passion. She is the first European woman to be published in leading Japanese manga magazine Shonen Jump +. Raised on Japanese cartoons, she pursued East Asian Studies and honed her craft in Tokyo, ultimately achieving international recognition with awards like the Manga Jiman and Silent Manga Audition. As the first European woman to win the latter, she earned a spot in its ‘Master Class,’ receiving expert training from Japanese editors. Beyond her manga successes, she collaborates with prestigious institutions and mentors aspiring artists, cementing her role as a trailblazer in the global manga community.

Testimonials from our guests

⭐ Truly riveting talks, always enjoy these – a great way to spend an evening with some pals. Already looking forward to the next one. – Alexander P

⭐ Expertly run, talks are always super informative and a lot of fun! Couldn’t recommend these enough! 5 star. – Owen S

⭐ Been to a few talks and all have been super interesting. An enjoyable evening to go to either alone or with friends. The talks make for stimulating conversation. Highly recommend! – Daisy J


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