The Ultimate US Office Quiz

Friday 16th August 2024
18:00 -

What do you prefer? US OR UK office? Is that even a question….

Brixton, get ready for the ultimate US Office Quiz!

If like me you know every ridiculous prank pulled on Dwight or the words to Michaels leaving song, then this quiz is for you. Come dressed as the ‘Nard Dog, Dwight, Jim or Pam we don’t mind! Get ready to be tested on your love for the show through rounds of fandom trivia and a chance to win top prizes!

What you gonna to do? What you gonna do, make YOUR dreams come true, and grab a ticket now! 

❤️ Prizes for 1st and 2nd team!

❤️ Max team size of 8, bring as many teams as you want! One ticket per person.

❤️ Fancy dress encouraged. Prize for best dressed character! 

❤️ DJs playing 00s nostalgia hit tunes all night. This will be a party!

🍸 Exclusive offer! Stay with us after the event and enjoy 2-4-1 cocktails in the bar downstairs from 10pm-11pm.

Rounds include…

✏️The US Office Trivia 

✏️Picture round. 

✏️Fill in the script round. Can you work out the missing words from The Office episode? 

✏️And more to be announced…

We recommend that you come down as early as possible to ensure that you have plenty of time to enjoy the food and drink that we have on offer. We open our doors at 6pm the DJ will start at 6:30pm and the quiz begins at 7:30pm sharp.

For any help with your booking, please email


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